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WHAT’S NEW– coming in April 2016 — a new Nondual Kabbalistic Healing four-year training program in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  Read more . . .

One of the mysteries of Life is that Reality is always speaking—speaking of the great Oneness, the great Wholeness of All That Is,  speaking of you and I exactly as we areWe are made to listen.

Now, more than ever, we really need to learn to listen. We need to know who is doing the listening and what exactly it is that we are listening to.

Are we listening to the voices of separation only? Do we see that which we do not like and only seek to eliminate it? Do we only imagine a form of Oneness in which everything is exactly the same? Are we spending our time and energy in simply trying to escape this world, rather than transform and heal? How do we heal our hearts and minds and the world around us? Who do we believe ourselves to be? How do we create a world that honors difference and recognizes the preciousness of all beings?

These questions are important, and we want to engage with them in a real, meaningful way.  The questions will be our guide, not answers only. Answers which do not lead to other questions reduce Reality and the Beauty of Life.  They shut down our hearts and often engage only our separate defended mind.

When we are engaged in the act of curiosity and inquiry into the nature of Reality As It Is, we also engage with opening and enlarging our points of view—our sense of self, of others, of life—in new and vital ways. We heal and we transform.  We become more than who we thought we were.  And we discover the grace and the love that is always here, waiting for us to wake up.

I hope you’ll find the pages of this website interesting and engaging. From time to time, I’ll be adding more thoughts and questions.  To learn more about me, about Kabbalah and Nonduality, and about transformation and healing, I hope you read along.

Brenda Carter Blessings

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